More about Ulrich Himmelberger

Records of Bern Reformed Church in Berks County show that Ulrich Himmelberger was baptized 12 April 1752. His father was Valentine Himmelberger.
Valentine Himmelberger's Will dated 28 February 1787 lists Ulrich Himmelberger as one of his children.
There is a documented story of a group from Berks county going to Nelson County Kentucky in the latter 1700's.
That ref is at: Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: 'The Oliver Heavenhill / Himmelberger Family'
I found a question concerning Ulrich on the web: Christopher Kaufman and Jacob Kaufman came from PA or VA to Nelson Co, KY, in the 1780s along with John Wible and Ulrick Himmelberger. They divided a Virginia Treasury Warrant of 1000a issued to Theophilis Philips. Need Kaufman ancestry. James W. Courtney, 1208 Johnson Blvd, Myrray, KY 42071.
Another request for info concerning Ulrich was: Surname: Himmelberger E-mail: Date: 5/30/98 Comments: Ulrich and Valentin lived in Pennsylvania and moved to KY. Believe father to be Georg.

Sheila Larson found the following things that concern Ulrich and Elisabeth:
Oliver actually had land entered but because it was never surveyed and returned there had to be a very close relationship between the Kaufman family and Oliver that Kaufman would have allowed Oliver to enter the land.
Sheila has tried tracking this land in Nelson County and has some details on it, but nothing conclusive because Oliver's widow, Elizabeth ended up being a Miller.
1711 John Lesher Sr born in Germany
1752 Nicholas Lescher & Barbara Kauffman married in Berks County, PA
April 1752 Ulrich Himmelberger born in Berks County, PA
1752 Nicholas Lesher and John Lesher in Oley Twp., Berks County, PA
1774 Abraham Miller son of Peter Miller born in PA
1776 Oliver and Elizabeth supposedly married in PA
1777-78 Peter Miller, father of Abraham Miller died at Valley Forge
Isaac Kaufman, Jacob Kaufman, John Kaufman, Phillip Kaufman and Valentine Kaufman listed in Capt Folck's Co of 1st Battalion of Berks County, PA - PA Archives 3:6:275-322
Christian Miller, Jacob Miller and Peter Miller in Capt Folck's Co of 1st Battalion of Berks County, PA - PA Archives 3:6:275-322
Christian Kauffman and Jacob Himmelberger in Capt Emrick's Co of 1st Battalion of Berks County, PA - PA Archives 3:6:275-322
Abraham Lesher in Capt Folck's Co of 1st Battalion of Berks County, PA - PA Archives 3:6:275-322
1778 George Heavenhill son of Oliver and Elizabeth, born in PA or VA
1785 - Ulrich Himmelberger 'Old Processioners Report Book', Nelson County KY, - entered 250 acres land warrant entry #557- this was part of a 1000 acres that Jacob Kauffman had and along with Ulrich was Christopher Kauffman, John Weeble all for 250 acres each. The Kauffman's were the only ones who had it surveyed and returned.

Ulrich, son of Valentin migrated to what is now Nelson County Kentucky (but was part of Virginia then) and acquired 250 Acres of land in a partnership with three others. At least one of the others was also from Berks County, served in the Rev War with Jacob and had Catherine Himmelberger, Valentin's daughter witness his son's Baptism. Upon rechecking Valentin's will it is apparent that he paid Ulrich his share of the will (200 L$) in advance of his death as he did most of his Children except for Jacob who inherited Valentin's land instead. Pete Himmelberger has a copy of County Land records from 1785 Nelson County Processioners Book, Nelson County Courthouse. and a recording of the Baptism of a Daniel Schumacher from 1757, with Catherin as witness. Still leaves no proof that Ulrich became Oliver Heavenhill, but sure starts making that a lot more likely.